A fireside chat leads to a much deeper discussion

A fireside chat amongst us Fortisians at heart got steered into a much deeper discussion on life and the ups and downs that it presents to us. We, a group of friends had gathered for the New Year’s. As each one of us narrated the experiences of the year gone by, we arrived at a mixed bag of good as well as testing times. Within these narratives, we relished and celebrated moments bonding as friends. As one large family, we saw each one standing out for the other.

We pondered over the seemingly obvious – Is it the times, or our reaction that makes it good or testing. What does the time test? Does it test an individual’s personal resilience, the support system around that person? What dynamics define it? The questions and discussions carried on till late, as time silently witnessed our conversation and before we realised it was the New Year’s morning!

We decided to create a blog and keep alive the discussion, the bond and spirit of being there for each other.


With much love and respect

My dear friend shivinder. you goodness honestly perseverance and resilience has always inspired me. If there is anyone who’s character i could vouch for, it is you. And if there is anyone who can tide over such a storm, it is you in the end.


Shahid Kapoor

Healthcare Journey

SMS… my healthcare journey , like many others’ , started with you and is continuing with you as inspiration. Waiting for your next big thing to be a part of it…



Fortisian at heart
Ardent Fan

You were always a people’s person… always there for each one of us… always. I am your Ardent Fan


Shelley Mandhar

Fortisian at heart