Believe in me – my countrymen

My countrymen, when I leave my home for work, I ask for wisdom to heal my patients. I pray for ability to treat your loved one. Believe me if I had the power to give you happiness, I would not let it pass by you. It hurts me as much ... Read More
A teacher, a leader

A Leader, A Teacher, An Inspiration

To Sir with Love There are so many memories, don’t know from where to begin 😉 I was the first lady to enter Fortis Mohali premises on a chilled January morning in 2001. Hospital was in construction phase and I slipped into a puddle, since it was raining & was ... Read More

“Address to Nation on the Challenger” by Ronald Regan

On January 28, 1986, millions of Americans, many of them schoolchildren watching from their classroom desks, tuned in to see 7 Americans, including Christa McAuliffe, a 37 year old schoolteacher and the first ever “civilian astronaut,” lift off in the space shuttle Challenger. Just 73 seconds later, the shuttle was ... Read More

For the Best Hearts of India

In my 25 years of Corporate Healthcare journey with Batra, Apollo, Max & Fortis,18 significant years were with Mr Bhai Mohan Singh’s family. First with his favourite grandson (June2001-Oct 2004), then with his younger son (Nov2004-Dec2011) and lastly, back again with favourite grandson (Jan2012-Sept2018). Post that, I moved to Bhubaneswar ... Read More


We had just started the Fortis Mohali hospital a few months ago in 2002. An old man got admitted for an angiography. He paid the sum of Rs.9000/- after having sold his cow, his main source of earning. He was wheeled into the cath lab and Dr. Kalra realised he ... Read More