How does one thank someone !

Has a heart of Gold,
Is so young yet has
Wisdom of a thousand year Old.

Sitting in Top Boss’ chair
Could still make even the junior most employee
Feel his love and care.

Though so busy with Top Level Decision(s)
Would still ensure that no one would eat alone
‘Everyone had a friend’ was his mission.

Mastered this secret to expand
Since he could not be everywhere
‘Nurture and support a team to add more and more hand.’

Was a tough task master
But in the most endearing way would simply
Inspire each employee to give the best of him/her.

Is like that Magician Pot Bearer
Who knew exactly which seed to plant where
So that each could bloom to be the prettiest flower.

With his Charismatic smile and mantra of ‘Fun Work and Play’
Would simply brighten the World around him
And add Sunshine to every Ordinary Day.

Has given to all of us a part of him
By his gentle caring ways
Today we are all ready to do anything for him

In making Fortis has played the most Critical Part
With his Vision and his Passion
He has created a Corporate with a Heart.

God does not make your Kind Anymore
You will always be the Shining Star
Of Indian Health care Folklore!

And Sir we really Do not have the Words to thank you enough.
We are all blessed to have known a Leader, Guide, Boss, Coach, Friend and a Gem like you.

May God bless you with the Best of Everything.
Satinder Ahuja



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