People Person

Shivinder- Mentor, Friend, Philosopher, Guide. Some people come into our lives and stay in our hearts forever. You are one those few close ones I have in life. Fortis loved you, loves you and will always love you. And yet the legacy you left behind when you moved on in your journey of life was not this institution but the way you touched each and every person you met and interacted with.

You were always a people’s person… always there for each one of us… always.

I was always a rebel and your problem child and always at odds with you. And yet one day when I was being completely obnoxious you told me how important perception was. I still remember you saying ” Why do you let people believe otherwise, I know you are not the person you let people see” And I nonchalantly replied ” I don’t care what people think” And you told me how other people’s perception of you should be respected and given due importance. There were so many such lessons you taught me and all of us.

You were and always wanted to be just one of us, never the boss types, just a true friend. Friendship was a gift you gave and taught us. Never allowing us to hang out with just a friend but everyone and thanks to your mandate of not sitting with friends for lunch, our circle of friends grew and we became a family. We are still bonded together through those precious times and memories and sometimes wish we could turn the clock back to those good old simple hardworking fun happy days when it all began.

We all have seemingly come a long way and yet we are still there in time, standing in that daily evening meeting in awe of you who brought us all together. You have kept us bonded to each other so completely and truly, My heart will always hold a special respect for you and what you stand for and my hand will always salute you Shivinder.

I want to let you know that I believe in you and I am with you, for all times to come.

Your ardent fan always

Shelly Mandhar



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