SMS leadership. Teaches a lot

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness 

  and some have greatness thrust upon them”

Sir, you might have left Fortis but your legacy will remain forever 

because SMS will always remain the heart and synonym of FORTIS.

Sounds cliché but really nothing I can say will ever convey my gratitude for the inspiration that you have been, memories will always impale the heart. As a leader you empowered us with unflinching support and guidance. You gave us wings and made us think out of the box.

We all were an imperfect lot, nurtured by you. You appreciated even our frivolous efforts, condoned and forgave our flaws, were always approachable, flexible and open to communication so that we could all evolve and flourish as one big Fortis Family. 

Your humility gives you an aura that radiates optimism and the palpable exuberance is simply contagious. Even after I left Fortis, you have always been there as a family, a staunch support. 

It will be hard to find an admirable mentor like you and simply impossible to forget. Feel blessed and honoured to have been your protégée, wish we could turnback the clock and relive the Mohali days. Pray you find direction to fulfill your intent.

What an amazing sojourn and what an Elysian detour. 

Warmest Regards




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