Sir, I take care of people, like you do

There are a lot of memories that we create and cherish in our lives. Every memory that has a positive impact on us, becomes a catalyst and strengthens and enriches  the learning. When we come across people with whom we’ve shared experiences and created those memories, then our hearts are full of gratitude.

At a very young age when I was associated with Fortis, I found myself growing each day in terms of understanding the work culture. I felt a positive change every day because I was mentored so steadily and silently that my personality and thought process underwent a huge transformation. 

My biggest learning under sir’s leadership was that it’s important to take care of the people around us, irrespective of the position. At this juncture I am reminded of an instance when I had gone for a party with my husband. It was a huge gathering and I saw sir present there, surrounded by some of the most renowned personalities in town. Feeling a bit overwhelmed to see so many famous people around him, I chose to be with my friends and not venture close to him. To my surprise, after some time he walked up to me, checked about my well-being and also spoke to my husband making me feel very important. This magnanimity left an indelible impression on me.

Another important incident etched in my memory is when on a particular day I was not at my seat and sir was on a round which more often was to meet and greet his people. While he was around, the phone rang.  Without any hesitation, he picked up the receiver spoke to the person on the other side of the call, took down the message and left it at my desk. I was so moved and awe-struck by his professional and yet compassionate attitude. When I got a chance to work independently and hired people, I ensured that people were loved, respected and understood. Not only I earned respect but I created my bank of dependable human resource.

Thank you sir, for all that you have taught us and may you always inspire us where ever you are. My best wishes for your well-being and happiness always



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  • Hi Shikha – superb to hear you are carrying the learnings forward.
    Yes great memories – but that’s only possible by having lovely people around.
    A good heart and a good intent – can achieve wonders – keep pushing

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