‘SMS – you made me what I am today

I don’t know where to begin and sum-up everything up in a few lines, but SMS was instrumental in shaping me into a Businessman. He helped me in developing my organizational skills and taught me how anything I do should be first thought through and planned.   

The word ‘Follow-Up’, which never existed in my vocabulary was introduced to me by SMS. I remember, during my days in FHM; he used to always say “Shiv is the only person who has convinced himself that he could lie to me about anything with a straight face, not knowing that I would know in a single glance that the work isn’t done.” 

I also remember, once when I had done something wrong and I got the firing of my life and wanted to quit my job, SMS said “Shiv, remember that Diamonds are made from Coal when put under tremendous pressure.”

SMS, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, guiding me, nurturing me and making me the person I am today. Fortis was never just a company or a workplace to me, but a part of my existence and soul; and for that I have SMS to thank for.

God Bless you Sir and may all those around you keep getting inspired, FOREVER.




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